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Portable Workbenches
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Workbench Accessories
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Mobile Workbench &
Accessories Designed for Pros & Passionate Woodworkers

Master the Art of Precision & Efficiency: The Lightweight, Portable Workbench for Accurate Cuts & Uncompromising Stability.
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Your Best Work 
Just Got Easier

The Difference

Unmatched Quality and Performance

We choose to focus on refined design, best materials, and fabrication to deliver a vastly better experience to those who demand high performance from their tools and are fed up with the frustration and compromise inherent in other available products
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Easy Setup
Thoughtful Engineering
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Practical Size
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Exceptional Versatility
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Our Mission is Simple

Unrivaled Sturdiness & Portability

Experience the ultimate fusion of strength and mobility with our best-in-class workbenches designed for maximum durability and convenience.

Streamlined Tool Efficiency

Simplify your woodworking process with our innovative solutions that empower you to achieve more with fewer tools.

Unleash Track Saw Potential

Maximize the performance of your track saw and elevate the precision of your craft with our expertly engineered workbenches & accessories.

Minimize Physical Strain

Protect your well-being and enjoy a more comfortable woodworking experience with our ergonomic designs that reduce wear and tear on your body.

Rapid Setup & Breakdown

Save time and effort with our workbenches designed for quick, hassle-free loading, unloading, and setup, streamlining your woodworking process.

Accelerate Work Completion

Increase productivity and profit by reducing errors and wasted material—thanks to the efficiency and convenience of Dash-Board's solutions.

Designed for Pros
& Enthusiasts Alike

Expertly crafted to cater to the needs of both professionals and enthusiasts, bridging the gap between masterful artistry and passionate creativity with our versatile and innovative workbenches.

For the Professional

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For the Enthusiast

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