Elevate Your Craft

Designed with the Enthusiast in mind

Unleash Your Inner Artisan and unlock Your Potential and Achieve Professional Results with Dash-Board®

Experience Dash-Board, the ultimate woodworking solution for enthusiasts. With portable, durable workstations and reliable accessories, unlock your inner artisan and achieve professional results effortlessly.

Compliment Your Workspace

Precision-Cut Accessories

Our meticulously designed accessories elevate the capabilities of your track saw, enabling confident crosscuts and rips while eliminating the need for a table saw in most situations.
Side angle of a workbench with a man attaching an accessory

The Dash-Board Mission for Enthusiasts:


Crafted for sturdiness and portability


Streamlined tool efficiency for better results


Enhanced safety in your workshop


Unleashing your track saw's true potential


Reduced wear and tear on your body


Maximizing your valuable time and space at home


Questions about our products? View our extensive resources and educational videos or reach out to us Monday-Friday.

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