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Your best work just got easier.®

  • Seven years in design and testing

  • Independently developed by professional carpenters in-shop and on-site 

  • CNC-machined to allow precise work no handmade bench can match

  • Practical size (92″ x 25″ x 35.5″/2337mm x 635mm x 902mm) for professional or home use

  • Modular, integrated, expandable, and adjustable

  • Available with a range of accessories for unequalled versatility

  • System fits easily in or on your truck/van (no need for a trailer)

  • Sets up in under one minute

  • Strong and rigid

  • Adapts to uneven surfaces

  • Stores conveniently in a depth of 3.5″ (89mm)

  • Patented with pats pending

  • Made in USA

  • The practical and superior alternative to competing portable workbenches

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