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What a local customer had to say

"Really think you have a super product [Guide Rail Bracket Set]...Miles ahead of the MFT/3 setup. You're smart for bringing that to market."

Craig G.
Florida, USA

Powerhouse Productivity in Minutes

Turn any space into a powerhouse of productivity within minutes. Our expansive full-size workbench provides a solid and stable surface, allowing you to tackle woodworking projects with ease. With the Dash-Board®, you can set up your workspace wherever you need it to be, thanks to its portability and quick setup time.
Man attaching a side accessory onto a workbench
Man using a saw on a portable workbench

Uncompromised Design for Efficiency and Versatility

The Dash-Board® serves as the foundation of your workspace, providing unmatched work surface area compared to our closest competitor. Its design is solid, stable, and strong, ensuring that you have a reliable platform to enhance your productivity and accuracy. Experience the efficiency and versatility of our system, which will rapidly pay for itself by optimizing your woodworking workflow.

Crafted with Care and Precision

Our benches are meticulously assembled and tested by hand in small production runs. Every detail is carefully considered to ensure top-notch quality. We take pride in delivering workbenches that meet the highest standards, allowing you to focus on your craft without any compromises.
Man working on a bench using a saw across the table cutting wood

Increase Speed with Accessories For Portable Workbenches

The world's first and only aftermarket, side-mounted, pivoting guide rail bracket set. This patented accessory is an essential part of the Dash-Board system and a direct replacement for the Festool MFT3 brackets. Experience enhanced precision and versatility in your workshop with this robust and accurate accessory.

Say Goodbye to Limited Workspace and Mobility Constraints

Are you tired of limited workspace and mobility hindering your woodworking projects? Do you struggle to find a stable and reliable workbench that meets your needs? Are you searching for a versatile and efficient system that can improve your productivity and accuracy? Look no further!
Guide rail bracket attached to a portable workbench

Build your dream workstation today.

Shop our innvoative line of benches and accessories today. Questions about our products? View our extensive resources and educational videos or reach out to us Monday-Friday.

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