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What a local customer had to say

“Dude! This [Guide Rail Bracket Set] is legit! Just had a chance to pull it out of the box. It makes the Festool bracket seem like a toy. Nice job on the hardware, milling, and overall fit/feel. Looking forward to getting to try it out. Just wanted to personally thank you for your help and share that I'm impressed with what you have built here!”

Andrew T.
North Carolina, USA

Unleash Productivity Potential in Minutes

Unlock the true potential of any space by transforming it into a powerhouse of productivity within minutes. Our expansive full-size workbench provides a solid and stable surface, allowing you to effortlessly tackle woodworking projects. With Dash-Board®, you can set up your workspace wherever you desire, thanks to its exceptional portability and quick setup time.
Man attaching a side accessory onto a workbench
Man using a saw on a portable workbench

Uncompromising Design for Optimal Efficiency and Versatility

Dash-Board® serves as the foundation of your workspace, surpassing our closest competitor with its unmatched work surface area. Its solid, stable, and robust design guarantees a reliable platform to enhance your productivity and accuracy. Discover the efficiency and versatility of our system, which promises to optimize your woodworking workflow and yield substantial returns.

Crafted with Exquisite Precision and Care

Our workbenches are meticulously assembled and rigorously tested by hand in small production runs. We leave no detail unattended, ensuring that each workbench meets the highest standards of quality. Delight in our commitment to delivering workbenches that empower you to focus on your craft without any compromises.
Man working on a bench using a saw across the table cutting wood

Enhance Speed and Precision with Accessory Upgrades for Portable Workbenches

Introducing an exclusive aftermarket accessory—the world's first and only side-mounted, pivoting guide rail bracket set. This patented addition is an indispensable component of the Dash-Board system, seamlessly replacing Festool MFT3 brackets. Experience unparalleled precision and versatility in your workshop with this robust and accurate accessory.

Bid Farewell to Limited Workspace and Mobility Constraints

Are you weary of being constrained by limited workspace and mobility challenges that hinder your woodworking projects? Do you yearn for a stable and dependable workbench that aligns perfectly with your requirements? Are you in search of a dynamic and efficient system to amplify your productivity and accuracy? Your quest concludes here!
Guide rail bracket attached to a portable workbench

Build your dream workstation today.

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Embrace the woodworking revolution today with Dash-Board. Unlock your true craftsmanship potential.

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