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What a local customer had to say

“As a professional carpenter and woodworker, I can easily describe The Dash-Board as my most highly coveted tool on site or in my shop. Its versatility, functionality, and mobility make it the centerpiece of my process and truly invaluable no matter where I am or what I'm doing. It's rare to see a product made with such ingenuity and precision and I'm excited for the latest iteration to hit the shelves."

Cameron Trujillo / Acomita Workshop
Colorado, USA

Unlock Unparalleled Productivity in Minutes

Unlock unparalleled productivity in your workspace within minutes and witness an extraordinary surge in creativity. Our expansive full-size workbench provides a solid and stable surface, empowering you to effortlessly immerse yourself in woodworking projects. With Dash-Board®, you have the freedom to set up your workspace wherever inspiration strikes, thanks to its unmatched portability and swift setup time.
Man attaching a side accessory onto a workbench
Man using a saw on a portable workbench

Uncompromising Design for Optimal Efficiency and Versatility

Dash-Board® serves as the cornerstone of your woodworking sanctuary, surpassing all competitors with its unparalleled work surface area. Built with meticulous precision and exceptional stability, it offers an unwavering platform to enhance your productivity and precision. Embrace the limitless efficiency and versatility of our system, meticulously designed to optimize your woodworking workflow and unlock remarkable results.

Crafted with Exquisite German Engineering and Attention to Detail

Our workbenches are meticulously handcrafted using the finest German engineering techniques and rigorously tested in limited production runs. Each workbench represents our unwavering commitment to superior craftsmanship, ensuring unparalleled quality. Experience the joy of woodworking without limitations, knowing that every intricate detail has been carefully honed to perfection.
Man working on a bench using a saw across the table cutting wood

Amplify Speed and Precision with Enhanced Accessories for Portable Workbenches

Introducing our exclusive aftermarket accessory—an innovative side-mounted, pivoting guide rail bracket set. This patented addition is an essential component of the Dash-Board system, seamlessly replacing Festool MFT3 brackets. Elevate your woodworking experience to extraordinary heights, embracing unrivaled precision and versatility in your workshop with this robust and accurate accessory.

Bid Farewell to Limited Workspace and Mobility Constraints

Are you tired of feeling confined by limited workspace and mobility constraints that hinder your woodworking projects? Are you in search of a stable and reliable workbench that perfectly aligns with your needs? Do you yearn for a dynamic and efficient system that amplifies your productivity and accuracy? Your quest ends here!
Guide rail bracket attached to a portable workbench

Build your dream workstation today.

Seize this extraordinary opportunity to embark on a woodworking revolution. Embrace the Dash-Board today and unlock the true potential of your craftsmanship.

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