The Festool MFT Alternative You've Been Waiting For: Dash-Board® Portable Workshop

Searching for the best Festool MFT alternative? Discover the Dash-Board Portable Workshop - where woodworking art meets innovation. See how it challenges the industry standard.
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June 17, 2024
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Woodworking is an art form - a blend of skill, creativity, and the right tools. Festool MFT/3 has served as a trusted ally in many woodworking ventures, offering versatile workspace solutions that have revolutionized the industry. However, like any tool, it has its limitations. Consequently, the quest for an alternative, for something that can not only match the Festool MFT/3's capabilities but enhance them, is a real and pertinent need for many woodworking enthusiasts and professionals. Enter the Dash-Board Portable Workshop - a contender that dares to push boundaries and redefine woodworking workspace solutions.

Festool MFT and Its Role in Woodworking

Festool MFT/3 (Multi-Function Table) has been the benchmark for mobile work tables for woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts for years. It offers a robust work surface, with a grid of holes for versatile clamping options. This has made it popular amongst professionals and hobbyists, as it promises flexibility and precision for their work. Despite this, the Festool MFT/3 has its constraints - its static size doesn't always fit the project at hand, and while versatile, it cannot meet the unique needs of every woodworker.

The Search for an Alternative

This need for an alternative is derived from the shortcoming of the Festool MFT itself, and from the dynamic nature of woodworking projects. Different projects have unique requirements, including space, versatility, and portability, that the Festool MFT/3 does not fully satisfy. Also, as technology and design evolve, it's only natural to seek a tool that keeps up with these advancements, offering more features and better efficiency.

The Best Festool MFT Alternative: Dash-Board Portable Workshop

the new dash-board portable workshop

In light of these needs, the Dash-Board Portable Workshop emerges as a promising alternative. As its name implies, it's portable, meaning it can be set up wherever you need it, when you need it. It sets up quickly, within a minute, eliminating lengthy prep time.

The Foundation of Your Workspace

One of the standout features of the Dash-Board is its role as a mobile foundation for your workspace. It's not confined to one corner of your workshop but can be moved and set up wherever your work takes you. Whether you're cutting, joining, or finishing, the Dash-Board is ready to support you.

Solid, Stable, & Strong

Despite its portability, the Dash-Board doesn't compromise on stability. Its design ensures a solid, stable, and strong work surface, one that outperforms its competitors when it comes to work surface area. This extra space can be the difference between a cramped, inefficient work process, and a smooth, productive session.

Efficient and Versatile

The Dash-Board prides itself on its efficiency and versatility. With it, your productivity and accuracy receive a significant boost. This is coupled with the ergonomic ease it brings to your body. With the Dash-Board, you don't have to strain or stretch uncomfortably. It offers a comfortable work height and positioning of materials, catering to your comfort as much as your work.

Specs of the Dash-Board Portable Workshop

Dimensions and Weight

The Dash-Board's generous work surface is evident in its dimensions. Despite offering more workspace, it weighs about 60lbs (27.22kg), making it portable without sacrificing functionality.

Material and Production

Each Dash-Board bench is created in small production runs, assembled and tested by hand. This level of attention to detail ensures that every Dash-Board you receive has been crafted with care and precision, offering a high-quality product that can withstand the demands of rigorous woodworking.

Compatibility with Guide Rails

Designed with the user in mind, the Dash-Board accommodates Festool-type guide rails as well as those from Bosch/Mafell and Dewalt. This compatibility with other tools in your workshop makes it an even more convenient addition to your workspace.

The ShortCut™ Bench from Dash-Board®

Size and Features

The ShortCut™ bench is a compact version of the Dash-Board, offering all the unique style, capability, and versatility of the original, in a package that's half the length. The ShortCut™ bench is the epitome of "size isn't everything." It proves that even a smaller bench can be just as effective as its larger counterparts.

Connectivity with Original Dash-Board

The ingenuity of the ShortCut™ bench doesn't stop at its size and features. It also maintains its connectivity with the original Dash-Board. You can connect both of our benches side-by-side or end-to-end without compromising the clamp tracks. This compatibility adds to the overall functionality of your workspace.

Accessory Bundles for Dash-Board Portable Workshop

the universal track star from dash-board

Pro Accessories Bundle

To complement your Dash-Board, there's the Pro Accessories Bundle. This bundle consists of a carefully curated collection of enhancements that augment the capabilities of your Dash-Board, adding more versatility and efficiency to your work process.

Platinum Accessories Bundle

For those who seek the best, the Platinum Accessories Bundle is your go-to. This bundle brings a luxurious touch to your Dash-Board Portable Workshop, including premium accessories that are designed to make your woodworking projects easier, smoother, and more enjoyable.

Dimensions and Weight of ShortCut™ Bench

Despite being smaller, the ShortCut™ bench still offers ample work surface. It's also lighter, weighing in at just 45lbs (20.4kg), making it a handy choice for projects that require a more mobile setup.

Portability and Storage of ShortCut™ Bench

The ShortCut's legs are both foldable under the frame for easy transport and storage. Making it a suitable choice for those with limited space or those who need to move their workspace frequently.


When it comes to woodworking, every inch of workspace and every minute counts. The Dash-Board® Portable Workshop and its ShortCut™ variant offer an exciting, robust alternative to the Festool MFT/3. With their flexible nature, superior dimensions, and a myriad of features and accessories, they are more than worthy contenders for a spot in your workshop.

FAQs About Festool MFT/3 alternatives

What makes Dash-Board® a good Festool MFT alternative?

Dash-Board® stands out as an alternative due to its larger workspace, portability, and its compatibility with Festool-type guide rails. Its focus on efficiency and versatility, as well as user comfort, makes it an excellent choice for those seeking an alternative to Festool MFT/3.

What is the ShortCut™ bench and how is it different from the Dash-Board® Portable Workshop?

The ShortCut™ bench is a smaller, more compact version of the Dash-Board® Portable Workshop. Despite its smaller size, it retains all the features of the larger Dash-Board, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a more compact workspace solution without compromising functionality.

What are the Pro and Platinum Accessory Bundles for Dash-Board®?

The Pro and Platinum Accessory Bundles are collections of enhancements designed to augment the functionality of the Dash-Board®. The Pro bundle includes essential tools, while the Platinum bundle offers premium enhancements for a more luxurious woodworking experience.

How is the Dash-Board® Portable Workshop assembled and tested?

Each Dash-Board® Portable Workshop is assembled and tested by hand in small production runs. This ensures a high level of quality control for each product.

What is the weight and size of the Dash-Board® Portable Workshop and the ShortCut™ bench?

The Dash-Board® Portable Workshop weighs approximately 60lbs (27.22kg), while the ShortCut™ bench is lighter, weighing in at just 45lbs (20.4kg). Despite their differences in size and weight, both offer ample workspace and maintain their portability.

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