June 2022 Update

Over the past six months, we’ve significantly improved most of our products and added several new ones to expand the Dash-Board® system’s utility.
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March 29, 2023

Over the past six months, we’ve significantly improved most of our products and added several new ones to expand the Dash-Board® system’s utility.

The popular and recently double-patented Guide Rail Brackets are now shipped unassembled, resulting in shorter order processing and faster delivery to our customers. Design improvements ensure the same accuracy and high quality that have made them famous worldwide.  

After numerous requests, our Guide Rail Brackets are now also compatible with Kreg and Metabo track saws.

We unveiled the ExpanDog™, which tightens itself into a 20mm hole at the twist of a knob, allowing you to attach our Unparalleled Parallel Guides, ABIs, and many of your shop-built jigs and fixtures from ¼” - ¾” thick (6mm-18mm) to bench tops and Track Stars. Loosen the knob and the ExpanDog™ pops out with no fuss.

Track Stars now feature easy height adjustment and use the same mounting plates as the Guide Rail Brackets, further speeding our order processing and guaranteeing precise alignment during all uses.

We now offer 10-packs of our custom-made T bolts for use in standard T-track and T-slot extrusion. Build your own jigs and fixtures with this high-quality hardware.

We introduced the fantastic DashBoard Model SC bench, a Dash-Board® that’s half the length and just as capable as the standard bench. It’s great for those with less workspace or smaller vehicles, and at just 45lbs (20.4kg), it’s super portable.

We now offer our custom frame extrusion with special connectors for those who wish to build their own benches without legs and take advantage of our unique, lightweight profile featuring dual tracks. To minimize shipping costs, these will be available in standard lengths.

Another great new use for our extrusion is the DIYMFT Pack by Dash-Board®. This pre-cut set of our exclusive extrusion comes complete with frame connectors, alignment devices, and a marking gauge to help you accurately position and attach a standard, commonly available MFT3 top. This is a lighter weight and more affordable refuge from the scarce Festool profile, and it blends seamlessly with all our accessories to provide the convenience of our dual clamp track design.

Next up, we’ll be starting a new series of videos on our YouTube channel showing all these product improvements, plus demonstrations and even reviews of other tool brands being used with our Dash-Board® Portable Workshop system.

What videos would you like to see? Leave a comment and let us know.

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