Outrigger Update with Track Stars, Rip Stops, and Super Track Star Plate

The Outrigger is a versatile extension for workbenches, enhancing efficiency for larger projects and compatible with multiple tables and accessories, ideal for both professional and DIY use.
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March 6, 2024
Outrigger attached to a work bench

Picture this: a workshop where your work table evolves as your projects do. Enter the Outrigger. Not just an addition, but a revolution.

What is the Outrigger?

The Outrigger is the Robin to your work table's Batman – an indispensable sidekick. It's foldable, moveable, and promises to redefine your workspace.

Benefits of Using Outrigger

It’s all about going big without the constraints. With Outrigger, bigger projects are now within reach without any compromise on space or precision.

Compatibility and Adaptability

Types of Tables it Adapts to

Be it the Dash-Board® Benches, Festool MFT3, Kreg ACS, or a T-slot/T-track table you've crafted yourself, Outrigger fits like a glove. With a touch of customization, it's ready for action.

Use of the Outrigger as a Work Surface Extension

Simply put, it's the extra workspace real estate you always craved. An added layer of efficiency and convenience to your workshop.

Accessory Integration

The Power of Track Stars™

Features and Benefits of the Universal Track Star

The Universal Track Star isn’t just an accessory; it’s an ally. Born to support offcuts during scribe cuts on lengthy pieces, it soon evolved, proving its worth in countless tasks.

  • Height-adjustable: Fits snuggly with varied work tables.
  • Built to Last: Sporting a robust, anodized aluminum body, it promises durability and resilience.
  • Versatile Holes & Slots: 20mm dimensions mean it’s ready for bench dogs and rail dogs, offering options from clamping to routing.

Using the Rip Stop and Rip Gauge

These aren’t just tools; they’re game-changers. Partner them with the Track Stars™, and the result? Precision, every single time.

Integrated Platform & Work-Holding

20mm holes? Check. Versatility? Check. The Outrigger’s platform offers a spectrum of possibilities, from work-holding to intricate positioning.

Practicality and Utility

How Outrigger Enhances Workspace

Think of Outrigger as your workshop’s Swiss Army knife. Compact, packed with features, and ready for action whenever you are.

Convenience of the Outrigger Bundle

Opting for the full Outrigger Bundle is like being handed the keys to a luxury sports car – top-tier features with an experience to match.

Outrigger Specifications

Dimensions and Measurements

  • Height: 900mm (35.5”) but versatile enough for uneven surfaces with adjustments from -12mm to +~40mm.
  • Depth: A smooth 400mm (15.75”) extension.
  • Length: 450mm (17 7/8”).

Work Surface Features

20mm holes promise more than just looks. With the Outrigger, it's all about multifunctionality and top-notch performance.


With the Outrigger and accessories like the Universal Track Star, Rip Stop, and Rip Gauge, it's not just about doing more; it's about doing it better, faster, and smarter.

FAQs About Outrigger

How does the Universal Track Star differ from other accessories?

It’s a multifunctional tool made from durable anodized aluminum, designed for a plethora of tasks from sanding to routing.

Is adjusting the Outrigger's height a complex process?

Not at all! It comes with adjustable legs for hassle-free leveling.

What makes the Outrigger ideal for bigger projects?

Its ability to support larger parts and integrate seamlessly with tools like the Universal Track Star ensures precision and efficiency.

How does the Universal Track Star enhance the Outrigger's functionality?

With its multifunctional capabilities, it adds layers of efficiency, making tasks like sanding, clamping, and routing a breeze.

Is the Outrigger suitable for DIY enthusiasts?

Absolutely! Its adaptability and ease of use make it perfect for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

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