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A guide to some of our customers' frequently asked questions about our portable benches and accessories.
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August 8, 2023
the dashboard portable workshop workbench

Are Dash-Board®’s accessories compatible with other tables?

Guide Rail Brackets, Track Stars, and Outriggers are designed to be largely universal and can mount on various non-Dash-Board® tables. The broad categories are

  1. The Festool MFT3 (with specific screws you’ll select during checkout)
  2. The older Festool 1080 (no special hardware needed)
  3. The Kreg ACS (no special hardware needed)
  4. Wood frames with T track attached (provide link) per our specifications
  5. T slot extrusion frames with 8mm slot widths. Examples are 1530-1545 series and 4080
  6. series. 10 series is not recommended.

Outriggers have two sets of mounting holes and wide vertical adjustment within each, but

they are designed around a basic work surface height of 900mm/35.5”. They have approximately 1” (25mm) adjustment below that and about ⅛” (3mm) higher. For attaching to the MFT3, they do not use the special screws mentioned above.

How do I know which size of Bench Dogs to order?

We offer our bench dogs in three sizes, and they’re made to fit 20mm holes only. The three sizes refer to the height of the part that sits above the table surface, which is 1” (25mm) in diameter. The choice is purely about your preference for how you might normally use bench dogs during many applications on the benchtop. They all work with our USBs, but the medium and taller heights are best for use during crosscut and Long Rip setup.

Are Guide Rail Brackets and Track Stars compatible with the Kreg ACS frame?

Yes. Use the mounting holes designated for “T-slot tables” on the included information card.

What’s a good T track to use if I’m building my own table?

This is our recommendation.(hyperlink to Orange). It’s the best value and you’re only paying more for a brand name and color with anything else. We used a ton of it in the early days here. Other tracks are generally ok if the slot opening is ~⅜” (8-9mm) and interior width is at least 12mm.

Where should I mount the T track on my wood-framed table?

To achieve the intended range of height adjustment for our accessories, center it at either 29 or 39mm below the work surface. Those measurements relate to two sets of mounting holes on the Guide Rail Bracket and Track Star base plates.

You should attach the track in one of two ways:

  1. In a dado, flush with the side of the bench
  2. Surface mount it, but also attach a second piece below the first, separated by around 30mm.
  3. This provides vertical backing/support for the base plates to keep them from tilting/cantilevering off a single mounting point. You can also use a strip of wood that’s the same thickness.

What’s a good choice for T slot extrusion to build my own table?

The best choices are 1530-1545 series and 4080 series or similar.

Which brands of guide rails can I use?

As of February 2023, Guide Rail Brackets are compatible with

  1. Festool and Festool-style rails, including Makita, Powertec, and similar rails that have the same measurement from bottom slot to splinter strip
  2. Bosch/Mafell rails. You will indicate these during checkout, and we will include special hardware and adapters. The Track Star/SpiRail™ Dog combination is compatible with both types PLUS Kreg. Bosch/Mafell users should indicate their brands when ordering SpiRail™ Dogs, since those rails

have such shallow slots and require specific hardware.

Are Dash-Board® accessories compatible with the Kreg ACS and Kreg guide rail?

We are working on a specific Kreg variant of the Guide Rail Brackets

Is the Dash-Board® height-adjustable?

Yes. The neutral height is 35.5” (900mm) and it can be raised at each foot by ⅞” (22mm) to accommodate uneven surfaces. The feet also pivot on their mounts to conform to angled surfaces.

How can I connect 2 or more Dash-Boards® and/or ShortCuts?

We offer our connector bars in the SHOP page. They simply slip in the benches’ clamp tracks

and secure with an Allen key (⅛” - 3mm)

How should I protect my Dash-Board® bench top?

Dash-Board® tops are sanded to 120 grit and ready to finish. We recommend two thin sealer coats applied by sprayer or roller to protect them from moisture, stains, and spills. This is our typical recommendation for a very durable, friendly, and easy-to-apply finish that is rare in its ability to be rolled to a smooth finish. Use a fabric type roller cover meant for smooth surfaces and move slowly and deliberately. DO NOT USE A FOAM COVER.

Can the Dash-Board® be connected to the Festool MFT3 or 1080?

We have no hardware to accomplish that but you might work out something on your own.

Are any Dash-board® accessories compatible with the Festool MFT3 fence?


What’s the maximum crosscut capacity using the standard side-mount fences and Guide Rail Brackets?

24.5” (622mm)

What’s the Long Rip capacity using a Basic Bench and ShortCut?

100” (2540mm) and 54.25” (1378mm), respectively.

How many home runs did Rob hit during that one Little League game in 1978?


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