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Discover the Dash-Board and Dash-Board ShortCut workbenches: the pinnacle of all-in-one woodworking solutions, offering unmatched functionality, versatility, and efficiency for modern craftsmen.
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February 12, 2024
The all-in-one Dash-board portable workbench

The Quest for the Ultimate Workbench

In the world of woodworking and crafting, the search for an all-in-one workbench that combines functionality, versatility, and mobility is a common pursuit. The Dash-Board and Dash-Board ShortCut are exemplary models that encapsulate the essence of an all-in-one workbench. This blog explores how these innovative solutions meet the diverse needs of modern craftsmen and hobbyists.

Understanding the All-in-One Concept

The all-in one Dash-Board Portable Workbench

What Makes a Workbench All-in-One?

An all-in-one workbench is a multifunctional tool that adapts to various woodworking tasks, offering a combination of stability, versatility, and portability. Both the Dash-Board and Dash-Board ShortCut are designed to embody these characteristics, making them more than just workbenches, but complete woodworking stations.

The Dash-Board: Expansive and Robust

Catering to Larger Projects with Ease

The Dash-Board, with its large work surface (92” x 23.75”), is ideal for extensive projects. Despite its size, it maintains a level of mobility uncommon in full-size workbenches, making it a versatile choice for those needing a larger platform without sacrificing the concept of an all-in-one workbench.

The Dash-Board ShortCut: Compact and Efficient

Maximizing Small Spaces with High Efficiency

In contrast, the Dash-Board ShortCut offers a more compact solution (46.75” x 24.5”), perfect for limited spaces or for woodworkers who frequently move their workstations. It packs the same functionality as its larger counterpart, highlighting the all-in-one concept in a smaller package.

The Heart of the All-in-One Workbench

Transforming the Dash-Board Series into a Woodworking Powerhouse

The true essence of the all-in-one workbench concept in the Dash-Board series is embodied in its range of high-quality accessories. These are not mere add-ons but crucial components that elevate the workbenches' functionality, precision, and safety, catering to a multitude of woodworking tasks.

Guide Rail Bracket Sets

Essential for precision, these brackets firmly attach your guide rail to the Dash-Board or ShortCut, ensuring stable and accurate cuts. This stability is vital for achieving consistency in every cut, reducing material wastage and saving costs.

Universal Track Star 

Exemplifying multipurpose functionality, the Universal Track Star is a versatile accessory used for clamping, sanding, routing, and cutting operations. Its adaptability enhances the workbench's efficiency, allowing you to seamlessly switch between different tasks without the need for multiple setups.


This innovative accessory extends the work surface of your Dash-Board, enabling you to handle larger parts with ease. It not only increases the workbench's physical capacity but also adds to its capability to make highly accurate and repeatable rips, a feature especially useful for larger projects.

Bench Dogs and Rail Dogs 

These tools are integral for creating a safer, more efficient workspace. They help in securing materials in place, allowing for smoother operations and enhanced safety, which is paramount in any woodworking project.

Multipurpose Functionality 

Many of the accessories, like the Universal Track Star and Outrigger, offer a grid of holes and various mounting options, enhancing the versatility of your workspace. This multi-functional nature turns these accessories into more than just single-purpose tools; they become integral in expanding and optimizing your workbench capabilities.

Investing in these high-quality accessories is essential for any woodworking project. They provide the necessary precision, efficiency, and safety needed to ensure high-quality work while minimizing waste. Whether you're a professional woodworker or an enthusiastic hobbyist, these accessories will surely enhance your woodworking experience, allowing you to get the most out of your portable workbench​​.

Why Woodworkers Choose Dash-Board Solutions

“Everything about the product is high-quality. Shipped well, pretty much bulletproof packaging. Clear videos for assembly/setup. Wonderful workmanship and fabrication quality. All parts are well machined and feel like they'll last a lifetime. Very excited to integrate the Dashboard bench & system into my furniture-building workflow!”

Daniel M.

“I am glad I came across the Dash-Board system. I contemplated the MFT and didn’t want to deal with its shortcomings. I am able to get consistent identical cuts in my batch processing. Rob and his team offer 1st rate products and even better customer service.”

David C.

The All-in-One Workbench for Every Woodworker

Whether you're a professional craftsman or a hobbyist, the Dash-Board and Dash-Board ShortCut offer the perfect blend of size, functionality, and versatility, making them the ideal all-in-one workbenches. They represent the pinnacle of woodworking efficiency, meeting the diverse needs of modern woodworking with ease and precision.

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