The Ultimate Light Workbench Solution

The ShortCut™ light workbench from Dash-Board® offers a compact, yet versatile solution for modern craftsmen with limited space. Despite its smaller dimensions, this light workbench maintains the same depth and height as the original Dash-Board®, allowing for full compatibility with the entire line of innovative accessories.
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May 30, 2024
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Whether you're contending with a snug workshop, limited vehicle space, or the specific demands of smaller-scale projects, the ShortCut™ bench from Dash-Board® emerges as the ideal solution.

Let's get into the unique features of the ShortCut™ and how it encapsulates all the hallmark style, capability, and versatility of the original Dash-Board® into a more compact and easily transportable package.

Compact Yet Mighty: The ShortCut™ Bench

Designed for Convenience:

The ShortCut™ bench is crafted with the modern craftsman in mind. Its dimensions – 46.75” long X 24.5” wide X 35.5” tall and weighing just 45lbs – make it perfectly suited for environments where space is at a premium and mobility is essential.

Despite its smaller size, the ShortCut™ maintains the same depth and height as the original Dash-Board®, ensuring you don't compromise on workspace quality.

Connectivity without Limits:

Unique to the ShortCut™ is its ability to connect side-by-side and end-to-end with other benches, including the original Dash-Board®, without compromising the clamp tracks. This modularity allows users to tailor their workspace to the scale of their projects, ensuring flexibility and efficiency remain paramount.

Unparalleled Versatility and Strength

Accepts Full Range of Accessories:

The ShortCut™ is compatible with all the same accessories as its larger counterpart, ensuring users have access to the full spectrum of Dash-Board®'s innovative tools.

From the Pro Accessories Bundle to the Platinum Accessories Bundle, and everything in between, the ShortCut™ can be customized to meet the specific needs of any project, making it as capable as any full-sized bench.

Dash-Board® Specs: A Foundation of Quality

Solid, Stable, and Strong:

The Dash-Board® sets the standard for what a workbench should be – a solid foundation for your workspace. Weighing approximately 60 lbs and measuring 92.56” x 24.41” x 35.5”, it provides more work surface than its closest competitors.

Designed for both stability and strength, the Dash-Board® is the ideal starting point for any project, capable of supporting up to 49” crosscuts and rips over 90" with the right configuration of accessories.

Precision-Made for Track Saw Compatibility:

Both the Dash-Board® and ShortCut™ feature slotted holes designed specifically to accommodate Festool-type guide rails (along with Makita, Powertec, Triton, etc.), catering to the majority of customers using track saws.

This thoughtful design decision underscores our commitment to providing a workbench that meets the detailed needs of modern craftsmen.

Handcrafted Quality

Small Production Runs, Big Impact:

Our benches are made in small production runs, ensuring each unit receives the attention to detail and quality control it deserves. Assembled and tested by hand, the Dash-Board® and ShortCut™ represent the pinnacle of workbench design – blending craftsmanship, innovation, and practicality.

Redefining the Light Workbench

The ShortCut™ by Dash-Board® redefines what a light workbench can be – compact, portable, yet incredibly robust and versatile. It's designed for those who need a reliable work surface that moves with them, adapts to their evolving project needs, and stands the test of time.

Whether you’re in a cramped city workshop or moving between job sites, the ShortCut™ ensures your workspace is never a limitation but a catalyst for creativity and productivity.

FAQs on Light Workbench Solutions

What makes this light workbench ideal for small spaces?

The compact design of this light workbench makes it perfect for small spaces. Measuring 46.75” long x 24.5” wide x 35.5” tall and weighing only 45 lbs, it fits comfortably in confined areas without sacrificing workspace or functionality. Its ability to fold for storage enhances its suitability for snug environments, ensuring you have more room when the bench is not in use.

Can the workbench be easily transported for off-site projects?

Absolutely. The lightweight nature of this workbench, combined with its compact dimensions, ensures it can be easily transported to different locations, making it an excellent choice for professionals who require a reliable work surface at various job sites or for hobbyists who enjoy working in different settings.

Does the compact size affect the workbench's durability and load capacity?

No, the compact size does not compromise the workbench's durability or load capacity. Despite its lightweight and smaller dimensions, it's built from high-quality materials designed to withstand rigorous use, supporting substantial weight just as effectively as larger, heavier workbenches.

Are accessories available for this light workbench, and can it support large projects?

Yes, the workbench supports a wide range of accessories, allowing for extensive customization and versatility. It accepts all the same accessories as larger benches, including guide rails for precise cuts up to 49” and configurations that enable rips over 90", demonstrating its capability to handle large projects despite its compact size.

How does the workbench connect with others, and is it compatible with clamp tracks?

This light workbench can connect side-by-side and end-to-end with other benches without compromising the clamp tracks, enhancing its versatility and workspace area. This modularity allows users to expand their work surface based on the project's requirements while maintaining the full functionality of clamp tracks for secure, accurate work.

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