The Ultimate Portable Workbench: Why Dash-Board is Your Best Bet

Dash-Board Portable Workshop was born out of a profound desire to transform the woodworking landscape by introducing ultra-sturdy, portable workbenches that optimize efficiency, minimize strain, and ultimately empower craftsmen to unlock their true potential.
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February 7, 2024
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Woodworking is a craft deeply rooted in precision, requiring the right set of tools, a steady hand, and an unwavering passion for creation. The bedrock of this artisanal trade is the workspace, often embodied in the form of a workbench. For centuries, workbenches have evolved, yet still harbored limitations in terms of portability and versatility. These constraints prompted the advent of Dash-Board Portable Workshop, an ingenious game-changer determined to redefine the woodworking industry.

Dash-Board Portable Workshop: Revolutionizing Woodworking

Man working on his portable workbench

Dash-Board Portable Workshop was born out of a profound desire to transform the woodworking landscape by introducing ultra-sturdy, portable workbenches that optimize efficiency, minimize strain, and ultimately empower craftsmen to unlock their true potential. The mission was straightforward – to amalgamate unrivaled sturdiness with unparalleled portability.

The Dash-Board system, a culmination of ten years of relentless refinement, has been explicitly designed for intuitive usability and quick setup. Within minutes, you can establish a potent workspace that enhances productivity and mitigates errors, thus saving time, effort, and resources.

Meet the Visionary: Rob Schumacher

Rob adjusting a bench

The brainchild behind Dash-Board's innovative system is Rob Schumacher, an unyielding visionary who transformed his passion for problem-solving into a groundbreaking venture. Equipped with a BFA in graphic design and a decade-long experience in duathlon racing, Rob's diverse background fueled his innovative approach to woodworking.

His journey into woodworking began at a small, burgeoning wood products manufacturing company where he responded to an ad for a production assistant. As he delved into the intricacies of woodworking, he encountered various challenges that sparked his problem-solving prowess. His determination, honed through years of endurance competition, propelled him to devise unique solutions and improvise machines to improve the woodworking process.

However, the crux of his innovation was yet to come. As Rob transitioned into an independent contractor, he identified a pressing need for a more capable platform than the typical sawhorses accompanied by an old door or a sheet of CDX. An attempt to use a worktable from a revered German company led to dissatisfaction due to its impractical size, flimsiness, and lack of reliable accuracy. The void in the market for a sturdy, reliable, and portable workbench sparked the inception of Dash-Board.

The Dash-Board® Workbench: A New Era in Woodworking

Dashborad at a work site outside a house

At the core of Dash-Board's product lineup is The Dash-Board® Workbench. This best-in-class workbench is a testament to the company's commitment to revolutionize woodworking with a fusion of strength and mobility. Designed without compromise, it provides more work surface than its closest competitor, making it a valuable asset for every craftsman.

The Dash-Board® Workbench extends to an impressive 92” x 23.75” x .5”, offering a generous surface for diverse woodworking tasks. Despite its size, the workbench maintains remarkable portability with a manageable weight of approximately 60lbs. Its durability and convenience are further enhanced by the small production runs, during which each workbench is carefully assembled and checked by hand.

The Dash-Board® Workbench isn't just about raw performance; it's also about safeguarding the well-being of the craftsman. Its ergonomic design significantly reduces wear and tear on the body, fostering a more comfortable and sustainable woodworking experience.

Streamlining Woodworking with Dash-Board

Man running a saw cutting wood on a work bench

The advent of Dash-Board's workbenches and solutions has had a transformative impact on the woodworking process. The blend of unparalleled sturdiness and portability optimizes efficiency, reduces waste, and increases overall productivity. The rapid setup and breakdown save precious time and energy, allowing craftsmen to focus more on their craft. Moreover, the Dash-Board workbenches are specifically designed to enhance the performance of track saws, taking the precision of woodworking to new heights.

In addition to the superior workbenches, Dash-Board also offers a range of accessories, such as the Pro Accessories Bundle and Platinum Accessories Bundle, that further expand the functionality of your workspace. These bundles consist of carefully selected tools and aids designed to complement the Dash-Board workbenches, offering a comprehensive solution for all woodworking needs.

The ShortCut™ Bench: Compact Versatility

Recognizing that not all woodworking projects require a full-sized workbench, Dash-Board introduced the ShortCut™ bench. Packing all the unique style, capability, and versatility of the original into a smaller package, the ShortCut™ bench is a testament to Dash-Board's commitment to adaptability.

Measuring 46.75” long X 24.5” wide X 35.5” tall and weighing in at a manageable 45lbs, the ShortCut™ bench is perfect for smaller projects or tighter workspaces. Despite its compact size, it doesn't compromise on the sturdy construction and user-friendly design that Dash-Board is renowned for. One of the key features of the ShortCut™ bench is its ability to connect with other Dash-Board benches side-by-side and end-to-end without compromising the clamp tracks.

Innovating Beyond Workbenches: Guide Rail Bracket Set & Outrigger

Guide Rail Bracket from Dashboard

Dash-Board's innovative spirit extends beyond workbenches. Their Guide Rail Bracket Set is the world’s first and only aftermarket, side-mounted, pivoting guide rail bracket set. It comprises both front and rear brackets and is a standard part of the Dash-Board system. Designed to be robust and accurate, these brackets secure your guide rail without tools, simplifying the woodworking process.

The Outrigger is another ingenious addition to the Dash-Board line-up. This movable, folding extension to your work surface can be mounted on Dash-Board Benches, the Festool MFT3, Kreg ACS, and even custom-built tables. It offers a simple extension of your work surface to support larger parts, and its integrated platform features a grid of 20mm holes that enhance its work-holding and positioning versatility.

Dash-Board Portable Workshop is far more than a provider of sturdy, portable workbenches. It is a revolution in the woodworking industry, fueled by a mission to empower craftsmen with efficient, durable, and user-friendly tools and solutions. From the full-sized Dash-Board® Workbench to the compact ShortCut™ bench, from the versatile Guide Rail Bracket Set to the adaptable Outrigger, Dash-Board is redefining the woodworking landscape one innovation at a time.

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