Versatile, Custom-Made Bench Dogs for All Your Projects

Bench Dogs are customizable pegs for workbenches, offering stability and precision in woodworking tasks. Made from durable materials, they're compatible with systems like Dash-Board & Festool MFT, enhancing workbench efficiency.
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February 7, 2024
Bench Dogs sitting on a Dash-Board work bench

Ah, the workbench - the heart of any workshop. But a workbench alone doesn't guarantee efficiency. Have you ever thought about what makes a workbench versatile? The answer: Bench Dogs. And not just any bench dogs, but ones specifically tailored to your needs.

What are Bench Dogs?

The Basics

Bench dogs are pegs that fit into holes on your workbench, serving as anchors for your projects. They ensure that your workpiece doesn't move around when you're working on it. Sounds simple, right? But the real magic is in the details.

Benefits of Using Bench Dogs

Ever tried sawing or planning a piece of wood that keeps shifting? It's frustrating! Bench dogs help you:

  1. Keep your workpiece steady.
  2. Protect your hands and fingers.
  3. Achieve precise cuts and finishes.
  4. Save time by reducing the need for readjustments.

Features of 20mm Bench Dogs

Custom-made to perfection, our 20mm Bench Dogs are crafted with the user in mind.

Variety in Size

Choose from three distinct sizes:

  • 1" (26mm) - Ideal for thicker projects.
  • 1/2" (12mm) - Great for medium-thickness materials.
  • 3/16" (4.76mm) - Perfect for those finer, delicate tasks.

Material & Durability

Made from acetal/Delrin, these Bench Dogs are not only sturdy but also long-lasting. This material is known for its excellent strength and resistance to wear, ensuring that they'll serve you for years to come.

Design and Ergonomics

With bevels on the top and bottom, handling them becomes a breeze. The taller variants even sport a special groove to provide an ergonomic grip, ensuring minimal strain on your hands.

Compatibility with Festool MFT & Dash-Board®

If you're a fan of the Festool MFT or Dash-Board, good news! These Bench Dogs are designed to be fully compatible with their 20mm dog holes. A match made in woodworking heaven!

How to Use Bench Dogs Effectively

Setup & Positioning

  1. Identify the size of the Bench Dog you need.
  2. Insert them into the 20mm holes on your workbench.
  3. Position your workpiece against the Bench Dogs.
  4. Start your work, confident that your piece will stay put.

Workpiece Security

For optimal results, ensure that your workpiece is flush against the Bench Dogs. Remember, a secure workpiece equals precise outcomes.

The Value of Customization

Custom-made Bench Dogs allow you to adapt to various project requirements. They're like having a personalized assistant, always ready to lend a hand (or peg!).

Upgrade Your Workspace

Located in Boulder, Colorado, our team is dedicated to providing only the best for craftsmen like you. By integrating our Bench Dogs into your workshop, you're investing in quality, efficiency, and most importantly, your passion.


In the world of woodworking, the smallest tools often make the biggest difference. And our custom-made Bench Dogs are a testament to that. Whether you're a professional craftsman or a weekend hobbyist, upgrading your workbench with our Bench Dogs promises precision, efficiency, and satisfaction in every project.

FAQs About 20mm Bench Dogs

What's the main benefit of using custom-made Bench Dogs?

They allow for versatility and adaptability in various woodworking projects.

How do I choose the right-size Bench Dog for my project?

Consider the thickness of your workpiece and select the size that offers the most stability.

Can I mix and match different sizes in a set?

Absolutely! Our set includes 4 Bench Dogs, and you can choose any combination of sizes as needed.

Are these Bench Dogs resistant to wear and tear?

Yes, made from durable acetal/Delrin, they're built to last.

Where are these Bench Dogs designed and made?

They are proudly designed in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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