Rip Stop

Rip Stop

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Effortless Positioning for Right-Side Cuts

The Rip Stop is a novel, adjustable stop for use in positioning workpieces on our Outriggers. Teamed up with the Rip Gauge, it enables you to set very accurate dimensions for cutting parts on the right side of your track saw blade. The Rip Stop rides in the side track of the Outrigger and flips up to a wide range of heights and flips down to be completely below the plane of the benchtop when needed, making loading and unloading workpieces easy and allowing the same setting to be repeated by simply flipping the flag back up. 


  • This version of the Rip Stop is not backwards compatible with previous versions of the Outrigger purchased before September of 2023.

Improve the accuracy and ease of your right-side cuts with the Rip Stop, a valuable addition to your Dash-Board woodworking setup.

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