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Track Star (set of 2)

Track Star (set of 2)

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Product Details

Upgrade Your Workbench with the Multi-functional Universal Track Star

The Universal Track Star is a versatile workbench accessory designed to enhance your workspace. Originally created to support offcuts when cutting scribes on long pieces, its potential quickly expanded to encompass a wide range of applications.

Track Star Features:

  • Height-adjustable for compatibility with various work tables
  • Robust, heavy, anodized aluminum construction
  • 20mm holes and slots for bench dogs and rail dogs
  • Multi-functional: clamping, sanding, routing, and cutting operations
  • Compatible with SpiRail DogsUn-Paralleled Parallel Guides, and Surface-Mount Fences

The Universal Track Star boasts a solid, anodized aluminum construction, making it sturdy enough for numerous tasks. With 20mm holes and slots, it can accommodate bench dogs and rail dogs for clamping, sanding, routing, and cutting operations.

Why We Made A Track Star For Improved Offcuts

How should we describe something that has no equivalent in the woodworking accessory industry? The Universal Track Star originated as a simple plywood platform that would mount on our workbenches to serve strictly as a small extension of the work surface. It was meant to support offcuts when using a track saw to cut long scribes on fridge panels and other cabinet install components. 

We soon added one hole for a bench dog that could act as a very basic sort of fence if the same configuration were used for crosscutting wider pieces. Next came a few other holes for versatility and later the unique slots which accept our SpiRail™ Dogs to allow far more use cases in guide rail positioning. After that we introduced height adjustment and a complete, highly refined, anodized aluminum structure, along with several sets of mounting holes to make it compatible with virtually any workbench that has tracks on its sides. 

The result is a super-solid platform that’s configurable for as many uses as you can dream up. Clamp things to it. Put our Un-paralleled Parallel Guides on it. Mount our F2 with Fence Blocks and ABIs on it. Track Stars are an integral part of the MFT Sanity Bundle. Our ExpanDogs™ grab its 20mm holes, allowing you to create your own supplemental surfaces you can attach and remove easily, with no tools.

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