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What a local customer had to say

“I have a home made 3" x 5" MFT style table and used the UJK Parf Guide system for the hole layout. I use the Grizzly track saw system and these [Guide Rail Brackets] work perfectly. I used to have to use the tall dogs to square the track while cutting and depending on the thickness of the stock the motor of the saw would contact the dogs limiting the width of panel I could cut and if I wasn't paying attention the track could move out of square. I gotta say he doesn't charge enough for these, there was no way I was going to spend $700+ on a Festool MFT (I'm a hobbyist. I build what I need for myself and my business) but I thought about it. Put a good blade in the Grizzly and you're good to go. All together I'm in for less than the TS-55 without tracks.”

David M.
Illinois, USA

Unleash Productivity in Minutes

Unleash the true power of your workspace within minutes and witness a surge in productivity. Our expansive full-size workbench offers a solid and stable surface, enabling you to effortlessly embark on woodworking projects. With Dash-Board®, you can set up your workspace anywhere you desire, thanks to its unparalleled portability and swift setup time.
Man attaching a side accessory onto a workbench
Man using a saw on a portable workbench

Uncompromising Design for Optimum Efficiency and Versatility

Dash-Board® serves as the cornerstone of your woodworking sanctuary, surpassing all competitors with its unrivaled work surface area. Crafted with solid construction and exceptional stability, it provides an unwavering platform to enhance your productivity and precision. Embrace the boundless efficiency and versatility of our system, as it optimizes your woodworking workflow and yields remarkable returns.

Crafted with Exquisite Precision and Care

Our workbenches are meticulously assembled and meticulously tested by hand in limited production runs. Each workbench is a testament to our unwavering commitment to superior craftsmanship, ensuring uncompromising quality. Experience the joy of woodworking without constraints, knowing that every detail has been meticulously crafted to perfection.
Man working on a bench using a saw across the table cutting wood

Enhance Speed and Precision with Upgraded Accessories for Portable Workbenches

Introducing our exclusive aftermarket accessory—an innovative side-mounted, pivoting guide rail bracket set. This patented addition is an indispensable component of the Dash-Board system, seamlessly replacing Festool MFT3 brackets. Elevate your woodworking to new heights, experiencing unmatched precision and versatility in your workshop with this robust and accurate accessory.

Bid Farewell to Limited Workspace and Mobility Constraints

Tired of being confined by limited workspace and mobility constraints that hinder your woodworking projects? Seeking a stable and reliable workbench that aligns perfectly with your requirements? Yearning for a dynamic and efficient system that enhances productivity and accuracy? Your quest ends here!
Guide rail bracket attached to a portable workbench

Build your dream workstation today.

Don't let this opportunity slip away. Embrace the woodworking revolution today with Dash-Board. Unlock your true craftsmanship potential.

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