Dash-Board Portable Workshop vs. Festool MFT

Uncover why Dash-Board Portable Workshop outshines Festool MFT with its superior design, larger workspace, and diverse accessories for the discerning craftsman.
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February 7, 2024
Dash-Board PWS vs Festool MFT

In the realm of workbenches, two names rise to the top: Dash-Board Portable Workshop and Festool MFT. While both brands provide solutions for professionals and hobbyists, only one emerges as the undisputed champion. Let’s delve deeper into why Dash-Board is the superior choice for every serious craftsman.

Dash-Board: Excellence in Every Detail

The Dash-Board® isn’t just a workbench; it’s the epitome of craftsmanship, ingenuity, and dedication to quality.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior Work Surface: Dash-Board® takes pride in offering a work surface that is considerably larger than its nearest competitor, providing an unmatched workspace that becomes the bedrock of any efficient workshop.
  • Handmade Precision: Each Dash-Board® is carefully assembled using precision fixtures to ensure that all parts are meticulously assembled, then verified to guarantee the highest functionality.
  • Top-Notch Accessories: The Dash-Board® system stands above the others not only for its robust workbenches but also due to its wide range of exceptional, unique accessories. The system allows you to realize the true potential of your track saw and rail-guided tools.

Technical Specs of standard Dash-Board workbench

  • Work surface: 92” x 23.75” 
  • Operational dimensions: 92.56” x 24.41” x 35.5”
  • Maximum standard crosscut: 24.75”
  • Weight: ~60lbs.

Why Festool MFT Falls Short

While Festool markets its MFT/3 as a leading competitor in the industry, serious shortcomings are obvious when compared to Dash-Board:

  • Limited Work Surface: Compared to Dash-Board®, Festool offers a much smaller work area that can hamper big projects.
  • Lack of Handmade Quality: Festool MFT's cookie-cutter nature lacks the personal touch and attention to detail that Dash-Board® assures with its handcrafted approach.
  • Limited Compatibility: Festool's design does not cater to the broad range of tools that professionals often use, limiting its versatility.
  • Mediocre Accessory Range: Dash-Board offers a wide, diverse range of accessories to enhance any workbench’s effectiveness, while Festool's products feature limited compatibility, difficult adjustment, and lower quality.

Main Takeaway

The choice between Dash-Board Portable Workshop and Festool MFT might seem challenging at first, but closer inspection clearly identifies the superior craftsmanship, quality, and versatility of Dash-Board®. For those seeking the best for their workshop, Dash-Board emerges as the only logical choice.

FAQs On Dash-Board Portable Workshop vs. Festool MFT

1. What makes Dash-Board Portable Workshop superior to Festool MFT?

Dash-Board is crafted with unparalleled precision and attention to detail. Its expansive work surface, compatibility with a broad range of guide rails, and array of premium accessories make it stand out. Festool MFT, on the other hand, has a restricted work area, limited compatibility, and lacks the same caliber of craftsmanship and design.

2. How does Dash-Board’s work surface compare to Festool MFT?

Dash-Board® offers 75% work surface than Festool MFT, providing ample space for larger projects and full-sized sheet goods..

3. Can I use multiple brands of guide rails with Dash-Board Portable Workshop?

Yes. Dash-Board accessories are designed for compatibility with major brands of professional rail guided tools, including Festool, Makita, Bosch, Mafell, Dewalt, and similar.

4. How much weight can Dash-Board Portable Workshop support?

Dash-Board® can comfortably support a weight of approximately 200lbs. 

5. Are there any exclusive accessories available for Dash-Board Portable Workshop?

Yes, Dash-Board® takes pride in its range of accessories tailored for tasks in carpentry, cabinet-making, and woodworking. This emphasis on quality and diversity is where Festool MFT's offerings fall short. On top of our range of universally-compatible accessories, our system also includes several unique features which work on our benches only, expanding the value of the Dash-Board system.

6. Is the Festool MFT compatible with non-Festool guide rails?

Festool MFT is designed for Festool-type guide rails. However, it does not offer the same broad compatibility as Dash-Board®, which is far more versatile and accepts the three major rail types.

7. How do the dimensions of Dashboard MFT and Festool MFT compare?

While Dash-Board® measures at 92.56” x 24.41” x 35.5” tall, with 75% more work surface, Festool MFT is smaller, making Dash-Board® the preferred choice for professionals seeking ample workspace.

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