Why Dash-Board® is the Best MFT for Superior Performance

Dash-Board®: The Ultimate MFT for Woodworkers. Experience unmatched stability, expansive work surfaces, and superior craftsmanship.
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October 18, 2023
Dash-Board portable work bench

When it comes to woodworking and crafting, the surface you work on is as essential as the tools you use. The Dash-Board® stands out not just as an MFT, but as the ultimate foundation for any craftsman. Here's why.

Rapid Setup, Unmatched Mobility

Craftsmen often need to adapt to different work environments, and Dash-Board® is designed for just that:

  • Instant Readiness: It's ready to use in about a minute. No fuss, no hassle.
  • Mobile Workspace: It goes wherever you need it. Whether in a workshop, a client's garage, or an outdoor project, Dash-Board® is your portable foundation.
  • Rigid, Stable, and Strong: The Three Pillars of Dash-Board® performance

Every craftsman knows the importance of a steady hand, but that's half the equation. The other half? A steady surface.

  • Unwavering Solidity: Like any worthy foundation, Dash-Board® is robust, ensuring that your projects are steady beneath you.
  • Durability: It's not just about being solid; it's about longevity. Hand-assembled and tested, Dash-Board® benches promise years of reliable service.

More Work Surface, More Possibilities

In woodworking, space is paramount. The more you have, the more flexible you can be:

  • Generous Dimensions: With a work surface of 92” x 23.75”, Dash-Board® offers one of the most spacious MFT tops in the market.
  • Superior to Competitors: More space means less clutter and better organization. With Dash-Board®, you get more than any close competitor.

Designed for Efficiency and Ergonomics

A good MFT top isn't just about space; it's about design:

  • Crafted for Comfort: Dash-Board® ensures a comfortable work height, reducing strain and fatigue.
  • Versatility and Productivity: The design doesn't just stop at ergonomics; it enhances productivity and accuracy, ultimately paying for itself over time.

Hand-Assembled Perfection

Precision and care are what separate Dash-Board® from the rest:

  • Small Production Runs: This ensures that each piece gets the attention it deserves.
  • Craftsmanship: Every bench is assembled by hand, ensuring top-notch quality.

Specifications that Matter

Craftsmen should be aware of what they are investing in. Here's what Dash-Board® brings to the table:

  • Dimensions: Total size is 92.56” x 24.41” x 35.5”. It also boasts a maximum standard crosscut of 24.75”.
  • Weight: Weighing at approximately 60lbs, Dash-Board® remains portable without compromising stability.

Compatibility and Adaptability

Every craftsman has specific tools they prefer. Dash-Board® ensures compatibility:

  • Tool Compatibility: Our accessories are compatible with major track saw brands and guide rails, including Festool, Bosch, Mafell, Triton, Makita, Metabo, and others.

The Foundation Matters

For any craftsman, having the right foundation can make a significant difference. It's not just about having a table; it's about having the right table. With unmatched durability, design, and space, Dash-Board® stands out as the best MFT for superior performance.

FAQs on Dash-Board® MFT Top

How quickly can I set up the Dash-Board® MFT?

Dash-Board®’s meticulous design allows you to have it ready in about a minute.

Is the Dash-Board® portable enough to move around my workshop or to different sites?

Absolutely! Despite its solid build, it only weighs ~ 60lbs, making it both sturdy and portable for varied work environments.

What makes the Dash-Board® stand out from other MFTs?

Several features set Dash-Board® apart: its superior work surface size, unmatched stability, hand-assembled quality, and design tailored for ergonomics and efficiency.

How does the Dash-Board® improve my productivity?

By offering a comfortable work height, reducing body strain, and providing a large, efficient workspace, Dash-Board® ensures you can work with higher accuracy and efficiency.

How long does it typically take for the Dash-Board® to ship?

Benches usually ship in 1-2 weeks. Accessories ship within a few days depending on the part.

Is the size of Dash-Board® suitable for larger projects?

With a work surface measuring 92” x 23.75”, it offers ample space for both small and large projects.

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