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Discover the best wood work table options with Dash-Board and Dash-Board ShortCut, ideal for professional and hobbyist woodworkers seeking quality and versatility.
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February 7, 2024
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Introduction to the Ideal Wood Work Table

For woodworking enthusiasts and professionals alike, using the perfect wood work table is paramount. The right workbench not only enhances productivity but also brings joy and ease to the crafting process. 

In this space, Dash-Board PWS's Dash-Board and Dash-Board ShortCut emerge as the best options for those seeking unparalleled build quality and versatile accessories.

Dash-Board: Expansive and Robust


The Dash-Board is a full-size workbench that transforms any space into a productivity hub. Priced at $1,759.00 USD, this workbench is the epitome of stability and strength.

Dimensions and Build

  • Work surface: 92” x 23.75” x .5”
  • Total dimensions: 92.56” x 24.41” x 35.5”
  • Height: 35.5", adjustable to ~7/8" higher
  • Weight: ~60lbs.

Unique Features

The Dash-Board sets up in about a minute, offering a solid and stable foundation for any project. It outshines its competitors in terms of work surface area, enhancing both productivity and accuracy. The bench accommodates Festool-type guide rails for precision work. It's hand-assembled in small runs, ensuring meticulous quality control.

Dash-Board ShortCut: Compact and Versatile


Priced at $1,199.00 USD, the Dash-Board ShortCut provides the same features as the Dash-Board but in a more compact form, making it ideal for smaller spaces or projects that don't require a large workbench.

Dimensions and Build

  • Dimensions: 46.75” long X 24.5” wide X 35.5” tall
  • Weight: 45 lbs.

Special Features

The ShortCut is portable and high-capacity, fitting effortlessly into various work environments. It's designed for quick setup and breakdown with legs that remain attached. Despite its smaller size, it accepts the same accessories as the larger bench and is capable of up to 49” crosscuts.

Superior Build Quality

Both the Dash-Board and Dash-Board ShortCut boast a high-quality, USA-made top. They are designed to be super-rigid, ensuring stability and durability. This build quality makes them a long-term investment for any woodworker.

Versatile Accessories

Adding to their appeal, both models offer accessory bundles - the Pro Accessories Bundle and Platinum Accessories Bundle:

Pro Accessories Pack

  • 1 pair Guide Rail Brackets
  • 1 Pinsert or Platesert (Bosch/Mafell)
  • 2 Universal Setup Blocks (USB)
  • 12 Bench Dogs (four sets of 3 at 1", 1/2", 3/16")
  • 1 pair of Side Mount Cross Cut Fences ‍(only compatible with Dash-Board benches)
  • 2 Dual-Sided Carbon Fiber Flip Stops‍
  • 6 Universal Track Stars‍
  • 1 pair SpiRail Dogs‍
  • 2 Door & Panel Supports (only compatible with Dash-Board benches)
  • 2 Un-Paralleled Parallel Guides‍
  • 1 F2 Surface Mount Fence (54.75”/1390 mm long)

Platinum Accessories Bundle

(includes all of the accessories in the Pro pack and also includes:)

The Outrigger Bundle

  • 2 Outriggers
  • 2 Rip Stops
  • 1 Rip Gauge

These accessories enhance the workbench’s functionality, making it adaptable for various projects and increasing ergonomic comfort.

The Best Options for Woodworkers

For those in search of a top-tier wood work table, the Dash-Board and Dash-Board ShortCut from Dash-Board PWS stand out. Our superior build quality, combined with versatile accessories, make them an unbeatable choice for both hobbyists and professional woodworkers. 

Whether you need a spacious work surface or a compact, portable option, these workbenches are designed to meet and exceed your woodworking needs.

FAQs on Wood Work Tables

What makes the Dash-Board and Dash-Board ShortCut superior to other wood work tables?

Their superior build quality, versatility, and the range of accessories make them stand out. They offer stability, durability, and adaptability for various woodworking projects.

Can the Dash-Board ShortCut handle large projects despite its compact size?

Yes, the ShortCut is designed to be both compact and capable, allowing for up to 49” crosscuts and compatibility with all the same accessories as the larger Dash-Board.

Are these workbenches suitable for professional use?

Absolutely, both the Dash-Board and Dash-Board ShortCut are suitable for professional use, thanks to their robust build, precision features, and ergonomic design.

How easy is it to set up and break down these workbenches?

The Dash-Board sets up in about a minute, and the ShortCut features an even quicker setup and breakdown process with its legs remaining attached, enhancing convenience.

Can the height of the Dash-Board be adjusted?

Yes, the Dash-Board has a height of 35.5 inches with an option to adjust approximately 7/8 inches upwards, providing flexibility and comfort for various users.

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