The Magic of Fence Blocks

Fence Blocks: Revolutionizing Surface Mount Fences. Experience unparalleled convenience, adaptability, and synergy with Dash-Board® accessories for streamlined woodworking and optimal results.
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February 7, 2024

Introduction to Fence Blocks

Have you ever imagined a world where mounting fences could be as simple as turning a knob? That's precisely the convenience Fence Blocks bring to the table. They are now standard equipment on our Surface Mount Fences, transforming how you work on surfaces with 20mm holes.

Benefits of Using Fence Blocks

Ease of Installation

No more fumbling around with multiple tools. The Fence Blocks are designed for a no-hassle installation. Simply slide them on our fences, lock them in, and you're good to go.

Portability & Flexibility

With Fence Blocks, you can easily set up, relocate, and remove the fence as per your requirements, providing unparalleled flexibility during operations.

Time-Saving Aspects

Time is money and Fence Blocks understand that. By streamlining the mounting process, they drastically cut down the time you spend on setups.

Technical Features of Fence Blocks

ExpanDogs™ Integration

The integrated ExpanDogs™ are the heart of Fence Blocks. Pop them into 20mm holes, tighten them using the knob, and voila! When you're done, simply loosen the knobs and lift them out. It's a breeze!

Locking Mechanism

Stability is vital, and the Fence Blocks deliver with their robust locking mechanism. Once positioned, one knob ensures they stay put, giving you a secure installation.

Design and Build

Constructed with meticulous care, Fence Blocks are both durable and ergonomic, ensuring longevity and ease of use.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Preparing Your Work Surface

Start by ensuring your work surface has 20mm holes positioned per your requirements.

Sliding and Positioning

Slide the Fence Blocks anywhere along the fence's length. Find the optimal position based on your work needs.

Locking In Place & Final Adjustments

Install the Fence Blocks on the fence, drop the ExpanDogs™ into your 20mm holes, and tighten both knobs. Loosen one set of knobs to slide the fence left and right as needed.

Dash-Boards Accessories: Enhanced Performance

Synchronization With Fence Blocks

The beauty of Dash-Board®’s accessories is how seamlessly they synchronize with the Fence Blocks. This harmony ensures that you get optimal performance every time.

Expanding Your Portable Workbench's Capabilities

With Dash-Board® 's accessories, you can further enhance your workbench's capabilities, transforming it into a multi-functional powerhouse.

Tips and Tricks for Optimal Use

Always ensure your work surface is clean and free of debris before installation. Periodically check the knobs to ensure they are tightened securely. For best results, pair your Fence Blocks with other Dash-Boards accessories.

Why Choose Fence Blocks Over Alternatives?

Fence Blocks offer a unique combination of convenience, simplicity, and versatility. Plus, with the added advantage of Dash-Board®’s range of accessories, the possibilities are endless.

Fence Blocks are revolutionizing the way we perceive surface mount fences. With their ease of use, adaptability, and seamless integration with Dash-Boards accessories, they are a must-have for anyone seeking to maximize their workbench's potential. So, why wait? Elevate your woodworking experience today!

FAQs On Fence Blocks

How many Fence Blocks are included in one set?

Each set includes two Fence Blocks.

Are any tools required for the installation?

No, the Fence Blocks are designed for tool-free installation.

Can I use Fence Blocks on any work surface?

As long as the work surface has 20mm holes, you can use Fence Blocks.

How do I clean and maintain my Fence Blocks?

Fence Blocks require no maintenance.

What makes Fence Blocks different from other mounting options?

Their unique design, ExpanDog™ integration, and synchronization with Dash-Boards accessories set them apart from traditional mounting options.

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